When and How We Started?

We started our operation in 2001. With the strength of our organization’s hectic overseas experiences, we have begun to develop our organization in difficult geographies of the Russian Federation, in the remote parts of Siberia, in harsh and unusual climate conditions. In our initial years, the area of activity, which began to expand in Romania and Uzbekistan, has reached 16 countries in total, with the participation of countries such as Libya, Turkmenistan, Papua New Guinea and our latest branch in Hungary. In our first years, wWe also added qualified jobs in Turkey to our overseas jobs, which had a premium quality nature, in a short time. As of today, we completed over 5.5 million m2 jobs in total.

Flexibility and Adaptability

We believe that the international experience of doing business in different countries, all of which are different cultures, their own rules and regulations, climate conditions, is invaluable. We see the logistical skill and planning capability required to be able to do business successfully in such remote locations as one of the most powerful features of our company culture.

Electromechanical Commitment

We are proud to be the first of Turkey in this area. We believe that we can bring together the benefits of coordinating, facilitating project management, and the convenience of two different main business displexes under the same roof to the companies we have worked with since our first day.

Employee Affiliation

While making all this progress, we took care to connect with our employees with a high sense of belonging. We managed to convey our company philosophy and our way of doing business to our young and dynamic friends who joined our staff while we were growing. We have provided a stable working environment within the company, as well as the long-term relationships we have established with our business partners.

Business Partnership

Throughout our 20-year journey, we have gone beyond establishing an "Employer - Subcontractor" relationship with the companies we work with, and aimed to have the role of a "solution partner" in their sight. We work by considering the interests and goals of our business partners at least as much as our own. This is our company philosophy. The mutual trust at the end of this approach has brought long-term relationships, and since we were established, we have partners in the solution that we have been constantly serving. We consider that we are a solution partner not only for our employers, but also for project management firms and all our suppliers. As a natural result of this, we believe that we have a well-deserved name in the industry.


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